Who we are

The most experienced
For 50 years Nord Bitumi has designed and manufactured bituminous polymer membranes. Our products have been used to insulate thousands of buildings and engineering works in Italy and in many other countries of the world: from the cold regions of the north to the torrid heat of desert countries. Our top priority has always been research, innovation and technology. The company has developed a great deal of experience, accumulating a wealth of unique, specialistic know-how. This is why we have become the reference partner for designers, builders and installers who believe, as we do , in the values of quality and reliability.


Nord Bitumi in the world
Nord Bitumi knows no geographical boundaries. We are present in the main markets all over the world with a complete range of solutions for waterproofing and soundproofing. Some types of membrane, in addition to the 300 standard types, are manufactured at precise specifications in order to meet the requirements of particular markets. The extremely cold temperatures of Norway, the subtropical climate of Hong Kong, the wide temperature ranges in the Algerian desert: these are just a few of the challenges that Nord Bitumi technology has overcome.


Nord Bitumi has always been a front runner in waterproofing technologies innovation. Each product in the range stems from a dual objective: improving quality of life and simplifying the job of professionals and installers. This ambitious goal is achieved thanks to the know-how developed in 45 years of research and presence in the global market. This is a scientific mode of operating which has our specialists constantly experimenting with new solutions, verifying prototypes in extreme environmental situations.


1. Waterproofing membranes
A complete range of membranes obtained by modifying distilled bitumen with high quality polymers (SBS, APP, PAO) and other compounds. Solutions able to meet all waterproofing needs: elastomer and plastomer membranes, light membranes, adhesive and self thermal-adhesive membranes, fire resistant and special use membranes.
2. Single layer bituminous waterproofings
With the special STRATOS program, a line of products that have passed strict technical tests, waterproofing becomes even more sure, reliable and time saving for job sites.
3. Roof system
Roof waterproofing and sealing is a process that must be carried out with painstaking care for every detail, a “system” where the elements that make it up work in synergy to ensure protection and long life for the building
4. Soundproofing
Soundproofing layers for acoustic insulation from aeroplane and impact noises. Insulating power, which lasts over time, is combined with excellent resistance to job site stresses. They simplify installation and do not imply any major increase in thickness. This makes the designer’s job easier.
5. Special products
A range of products prepared by the company in order to make installers’ work easier and more reliable, to be used in particular situations. Some products, for specific solutions, are complementary to the polymer bitumen membranes.


  • US Approved Products:
    • FM Approved: Nordpoly & Nordflex
  • US Approved Systems:
    • Miami Dade: Nordpoly, Nordflex, Selfbase over Concrete deck (NOA # 16-0317.05), Nordshield SA System (NOA # 16-0113.01/02/03/04/05
    • FBC App. : Nordpoly, Nordflex, Selfbase over Concrete deck (FL 14797), Nordshield SA Systems(FL 17007)
    • UL : Nordshield SA Systems (R38405)
  • Company Quality Certifications:
    • Iso 9000:2008 & CE mark