Who we are

As a pioneer in the development of modified bitumen roofing, from over 50 years we continue to project and produce innovative waterproofing membranes. We have waterproofed thousands of buildings and engineered projects all over the world.

Our wide experience about specifying long lasting waterproofing system is summarized on our basic specifications.

The high quality standards of our output are confirmed by the agrèment certificates issued by over 20 international institutes among which FM, Miami Dade, FBC, UL, Iso 9000:2008, CE mark.

Service and advantages

  • By your side for your professional needs
  • We support your professional performance
  • An extended guarantee
  • Solid roots

Research and Quality

The know-how acquired allows us to understand the dynamics of todays's market, to interpret needs and offer solutions.


Roof, waterproofing and insulation must be performed with utmost care for every detail, a "system" in wich the constituent elements cooperate altogether to ensure endurance and protection for the building.


A complete range of membranes obtained by modifying distilled bitumen with high-quality polymers (SBS,APP or PAO) and other compounds, reinforced with different kinds on non-woven polyester or with fiberglass. Also available with mineral slats on their upper surface to be used as a top layer, or covered with polypropylene.
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